Swinging crib review

Before I stated trying to have a baby my husband and I already knew how we would bring up our future children and already talked about things such as co-sleeping. My mother had me in a cot next to her bed until I was two years old, but then she was pregnant with my younger sister and had to get me used to my own room. The transition wasn’t as bad as I was older and understood but as soon as my sister came along and slept in ‘my cot’ I wanted to be in it again.

This is why I decided that when I have children I would have them sleep in their own crib or cot next to me for the minimum of 6 months until I would move them to their own room. I don’t believe in co-sleeping as it makes it harder for the child to move onto their own bed when they are older, I know many mothers who have made the mistake of letting their young children sleep with them. 5 years on and they still refuse to sleep in their own bed!

I came across the swinging crib and found it to be the most beautiful bed for a baby, not only are they modern and small you can rock your little one to sleep without having to hold them. You can get them in nearly any colour, pink, blue, all wood finishes and with extras such as a canopy that makes it even more stylish. In my bedrooms I have co-coordinating pine furniture so it made sense to stick with pine rather than go for cheap white.

The prices range from £50 – £250 for a swinging crib, for the average of £75 you can get one that includes the mattress too. I paid £75 for my swinging crib; I got the mattress and bedding free including a canopy. Most people will think that its madness to buy a crib that a baby will only use for 4-6 months of their life but buying a cot it hideous and extremely large. After my baby out grows his crib he will go straight into his own bed, I will put up bed guards but I think it is unnecessary to have to go and buy new furniture and a baby bed when an adult one is perfectly fine.

What I like about my swinging crib is it is much smaller than a standard cot and with the little canopy looks so cute, I can also use it again for any other children I may have. After that I can pass it on to my sister, brother or any other family member who would like it. The only thing that would need to be purchased each time is a new mattress but they are as cheap as £15, so I find a swinging crib is well worth the money compared to a cot.