Boarding options for chickens

There have been many people who have taken to having pet chickens as a first step to leading a more self sufficient life style. Keeping chickens as pets can also be as rewarding as it is fun, chickens are easy to care for and very cheap (after egg production starts). Many families have adopted chickens along with other small animals such as cats and dogs and they have learnt to live together without harm. It’s also a lovely way to show children how important animals are and about the production of eggs. Eggs have so many uses and don’t necessarily mean they are just for cooking; they also make good face masks that help tighten pores.

Looking after chickens when on holiday

There have been many people who have missed out on holidays because they didn’t think through who would look after their chickens whilst on holiday. Chicken boarding seems to be more available in certain parts of the country and this can be a major fallback. If you live too far then you will have to sacrifice holidays but if you live in an area where you have many options you don’t have to worry too much.

Apart from chicken boarding there are farms and also chicken hotels to consider as popularity for keeping chickens as pets continues to increase. Like I said before some areas are more popular than others as they are more rural so land is more abundant and people who have too much will use this as a way of making some extra money. You should always find a place where the owner has an interest in the animals as you will find that they are more cared for and well looked after when you are gone. Most places will even keep your eggs for you so you can collect them when you collect your hens.

How much does chicken boarding cost?

The cost of boarding your chickens will vary from place to place and what kind you go for, a homeowner that has space in their garden will charge you less than a chicken boarder that has specially prepared plots and coops. Chicken hotels will cost the most as they are usually on larger plots of land such as farms. Most places do charge as little as £1 per day per chicken whereas others will charge a daily rate of around £7 a day per coop. Some chicken coops can house as many as 6 hens so if you want to save money its worth shopping around first as they can run up to £100 for a week’s boarding.