Boarding options for micro pigs

All people who have pets will face the same problem when they decide to go on holiday, who will look after our pets? Common house pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits and fish are most easy to find someone to care for them when you go away for a week or so. There are boarding lodges and also family members and friends who would be happy to look after a small pet that requires minimum care. But when it comes to the latest pet craze of micro pigs what happens when you want to go on holiday?

Boarding for a micro pig

Animal boarding for pets such as dogs and cats are very strict, all animals have to be vaccinated and depending on the boarding type they will also need to be neutered. When it comes down to pet pigs there isn’t much option. As of yet there are not many people advertising their serviced for looking after a pet pig whilst the owner goes on holiday. As the weather in England fluctuates a lot many people also keep their pet micro pigs indoor with a small bed for them to sleep in similar to a pet cat or dog. There are not many people who will offer to look after a micro pig as they require as much care as a dog if not more. Micro pigs are very social and need interaction so they constantly need love and attention, if you were to send them away for a week they would surely come back depressed.

The options for boarding a micro pig whilst on holiday are very limited but here are a few things you could try to make sure that family time such as holidays do not suffer even though you like to go on holidays.

Pet sitting – there are many people or small companies that will drop in every day or several times a day to make sure your pet is fed, cleaned and cared for. Some places will also offer to move in for a week or so to also look after the house as well as looking after a pet. This is a good option if you live in an area where squatting is rife as an abandoned house can sometimes be targeted.

Visit the local vet for information – they will usually have a list of local contacts for animals of all breeds and species. They may know of a place that will look after your micro pig while you go away.

Local farm – some local farms already have pigs so they may be happy to offer boarding for a short period whilst you are away. As an experienced farmer you can also rest assured that your pet will be cared for as best as possible.

Micro pig breeder – contact the breeder where you bought your micro pig or one that is closer to you, they may offer to look after your micro pig while you go away or might know a place that will.

Advertise for help – you can post free local advertisements in your local area such as the supermarkets and corner shops you might be lucky enough to find someone who doesn’t mind looking after you beloved micro pig whilst you go away, for a small fee of course.

Having any pet can cause problems when you go away as you will need to find someone to look after them, this also costs money. So before you decide to buy a micro pig find out what would happen if you want to go on holiday because you might live in an area where your options are limited i.e. too near the city.