Micro pig scam

As more and more celebrities follow the trend of having a micro pig many average families have also decided to take the plunge too. Micro pigs have become extremely popular in the last 5 years but there is still a lack of reputable breeders as most people have given up their careers to invest in these little porkers in hope of making a quick buck in a short period of time.

Unfortunately since the trend started a few years ago many of these little pigs that were meant to stay little are in fact huge, only after 1 year to 18 months the rate of growth is noticed and the micro pig is no longer so micro. Some reputable breeders have also failed to meet the demands of people wanting a micro pig so have had to buy from other breeders but instead of buying micro pigs they were normal pigs worth only £40 compared to the £400 – £1500 price tag of a micro pig.

There has even been a Facebook page set up for those that have been mislead by thinking they would have a little piglet for life, some breeders promised the little piggy’s to stay small whereas others promise they would not grow over a certain height. No breeder can make this assumption as they all grow at different rates, some buyers come thinking they will have a small 12 inch pig for life when the reality is they can grow to over 2ft.

Before wasting money on a micro pig you should do some research and make sure that your expectations are not too high. People who have bought micro pigs and live in the average home have had to give them up after they turned out to be bigger than first thought. Thousands of pounds of damage can be caused by pigs when they get bigger and aggressive. You could of course sell them but would you be able to live with yourself knowing that it had been turned into bacon?

Remember that if your ‘micro pig’ turns out bigger than you expected you may have to build secure housing outside in the garden so take this into consideration when thinking of buying a pet pig, also it is illegal to feed pigs scrap food due to illness and disease so it is essential to buy pig food.


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  1. Susan February 27, 2011 / 9:29 am

    How do you get a micro pig to use a litter tray — I have tried but with no success and it is not easy — What is the best way? Thanks a lot.

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