Micro pig the latest pet craze

There seems to be a very strange craze involving miniature pigs lately, Victoria Beckham was rumoured to be buying one for David last year for Christmas latest celebrities that have a micro pig are Charlotte Church and Katie Price. Here in the UK the trend is still going strong with many families opting to have a pet pig rather than a dog or cat. Just like all animals regardless of size they need regular care and attention and a safe environment to be brought up in.

What are micro pigs and how much do they cost?

These are two of the most common questions asked by the curious public, as they are featured quite regularly in newspapers many people often wonder what they actually are. Well like the name suggests they are pigs but bred smaller than the average farm ones that you see and are much heavier. Although newspaper articles show them as small little piglets they will generally grow to the height of your knee whereas farm pigs can be much larger in size. Micro pigs vary a lot in size depending on the breed and popularity of them but some places start from as little as £650 rising up to over £1000 for a popular breed. Micro pigs are a long term commitment as they can live up to 15 years just like a dog, so if it is for a young child they must understand this commitment and you may have to sacrifice holidays if you cannot find a suitable person to babysit.

In order to keep a pig legally in the UK you must have a CPH number this is a nine digit registration number that is free to obtain. You need to contact the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) to get one and it usually takes two weeks. A CPH number is required so that they can trace you and the pig in case of a disease outbreak. It’s important to have this first before looking for a micro pig as most places will ask for this. If you are truly interested in getting a micro pig this will be but a small inconvenience for you, also if you were to see the baby piglet you want but didn’t have you CPH number then you will miss out as those who do will have priority.

It is very important that you choose a reputable breeder that is happy to answer your questions and make you feel at ease. A good breeder will also make sure your little piggy is vaccinated and well cared for in a happy environment so make sure you visit beforehand.