Caring for a pet bird

Some birds in the wild live in large groups so it’s sometimes always better to have two birds for companionship. Get them at the same time to avoid jealousy.

All birds need space to fly around and a stimulating environment.
Plucking feathers can be a sign of stress and boredom, prevent this by having a second bird for a companion, room to fly around with lots of toys and perches.

Birds need a balanced diet of bird food, lettuce, carrots and apple. They will also need a constant supply of fresh clean water.

They will need grit to help digestion. A cuttlefish bone is needed to peck at to keep their beaks trimmed. For claws they should have perches that are rough or bark-covered, although sometimes they might need a vet to trim their beak and claws.

Clipping Birds’ Wings

The first time a bird is having its wings cut is the hardest. It is very easy to hurt the bird. For the first time, have them clipped professionally.All species of birds’ wings are clipped differently.It is always better to have both wings clips instead of one for balance, as having only one wing clipped can be dangerous to the bird.After watching carefully how it’s done, you can clip wings yourself, it’s not hard and it will make you bond better with your bird.

Things to consider before buying a pet bird

Depending on which types of bird you go for, they can be a bit messy.
Regular preening means you will have a lot of feathers around and birds that have special feathers like cockatiels produce a fine white dust. It can also get messy when they eat, as the food doesn’t always stay contained in the cage.

Some birds do not like to be handled while others enjoy attention and will love to be let out just to sit next to you, do you have time to socialize with a pet bird?

If you want a larger bird, for example a parrot, do you have the space for a large cage? They need a lot of room for their size. Some birds also live for a very long time. Are you committed to this bird? There are too many birds being put in rescue homes, it’s unfair to have one when your unsure of what to expect.

The last thing to remember is the cost; can you afford the veterinary bills, food, toys and equipment? It might seem like a bargain to get a cheap bird but a hand-reared bird is worth it in the long run.

If you still think this is the right pet for you, the best place to purchase a bird is from a bird breeder.There are two types – commercial and hobbyist. A commercial breeder will have hundreds of birds of all breeds; he or she will not have quality time to spend on each of them whereas a hobbyist will have only a few breeds and have lots of time to spend with each one.

I would avoid buying from a pet shop because of lack of care. They don’t look very happy and will never have been let out of their cage.