Blue Lagoon Iceland review

As part of a recent tour package to Iceland a trip to the Blue Lagoon was included, I already had intentions of visiting as it is a well recommended trip. Most tour operators in Iceland will provide transport to and from the Blue Lagoon from your hotel but make sure you check thoroughly as some places do not include admission so you need to add this to the cost of the trip. Having read a little about the Blue Lagoon and visiting the website I knew what to expect. It’s basically an outdoor geothermal pool that is heating by a nearby power station.

Our tour was booked through our travel agent but was pre booked on a day that we chose, you have a list of pick up times and drop off times so you decide what time to go and come back. They run pretty much every hour with a dedicated stop just outside the Blue Lagoon entrance. We were picked up from our hotel and taken to the BSI bust terminal where other people were also waiting to board the bus, and then at 10am we set off. We arrived around 50 minutes later, at the bus stop there are pick up times you just need to make sure you are there on time, no need to pre book a pick up time. Some people also visit when they arrive from Keflavik airport and some go on the way back to the airport the decision is yours. You need at least a good 4 hours to enjoy Blue Lagoon and all it has to offer.

When you arrive head to the reception desk where you will be given a plastic bracelet that will be used to open and close the lockers. You can also hire bath robes, towels and swimwear; I hired a bath robe as I didn’t want to have such a bulky item with me on my travels. Then you go to the changing rooms, it was very quiet at 11am I seemed like the only person in the female changing rooms. The unoccupied lockers are already open so you just choose one and put your things in, slam it then place you bracelet near the sensor where it is then assigned to you. You can do this as many times as you want. It is worth knowing that they only have 4 private shower cubicles so when it gets busy you may have to shower in the communal part.

Don’t bother wearing a swimsuit or bikini as you must shower naked before entering the Blue Lagoon, shower gel and condition is provided at all the showers. Its best to condition your hair thoroughly as the silica in the Lagoon will make your hair brittle and straw like for a few days if you don’t. After showering there are signs for the Blue Lagoon, there is then a little waiting area where people wait for their partners, friends or family before stepping outside. There are hooks on the inside to hang towels, bath robes and other items but it is also worth noting that there are many more outside too.

We went straight outside and hanged our robes on the hooks, it was freezing cold but once in the water it was Steps to Blue Lagoonlovely and warm. It’s so steamy that you can’t see anyone, not that there were that many people at that time of day. There are places where the silica mud is placed in wooded trunks where you help yourself to a face mask; I smeared it on my back, stomach and arms too. After a while it starts to dry so I washed it off, there are also many places in the lagoon where it gets very hot but they are clearly marked on the map before stepping out. There is a waterfall where you stand under to relieve tension in the shoulders and there are some seats in the water in that area.

Taking pictures in the Blue Lagoon
You are free to come and go from the lagoon to the changing rooms as much as you want but as it’s very cold once you’re in its silly to go back and forth. There are many people who just bring out their expensive digital cameras and DSLR’s whilst walking around in the Lagoon, I didn’t want to take that risk. I purchased a waterproof camera bag that had a clear window so I could leave it with me at all times. I’m glad I did this as other people had to keep walking instead of swimming and relaxing, otherwise a waterproof camera will also do the job.

There is a restaurant on site, a snack bar and a café but they were all pathetic, the restaurant called LAVA had very limited dishes and very overpriced but the food was nice, they also let you have lunch there between 11am – 5pm in your bath robes so there’s no need to change.

The changing rooms also have hairdryers and large mirrors for applying make-up complete with stools for sittiBlue Lagoonng.

It was a nice experience very relaxing and something different to add to your memories but many people argue it’s expensive. If you can get it included as part as your holiday package then you have nothing to lose otherwise it’s around €30 each. The Blue Lagoon shop is expensive so I didn’t bother even looking but if you change your mind they have one at Keflavik airport lounge as a last minute purchase.

Children are also welcome in the pool and should wear inflatable arm bands provided near the entrance to the lagoon, pregnant women are also welcomed as long as they stay hydrated and make sure they do not overheat.

Don’t forget to bring a plastic bag for wet clothes although they are provided in the changing rooms in you forget yours, flip flops a waterproof camera or camera bag.