Flights only to Mauritius

Having been invited to my best friend’s wedding in Mauritius I was fortunate enough to have free accommodation. I set about getting just flights to Mauritius directly, preferably with Air Mauritius or British Airways. I was recommended a few agents that my friends had used before and I set about asking them. I called a local agent in Hertfordshire and was quoted £580 for a month in Mauritius in April. I called Goldwing Travel based on Turnpike Lane and they quoted me £530, finally I called Sunset Flight Club based in Croydon who also quoted me £530.

Goldwing Travel
I found the staff to be very rude and uninterested, the person I spoke to was slow and uncooperative. I was recommended this company by my friend and was very disappointed. I wanted to call a second time to confirm the flight cost and itinerary and the person hanged up on me. I know they have caller ID and they should have had the decency to call me back and apologise! I do not recommend Goldwing Travel!

Sunset Flight Club
This company was also recommended to me by a friend the first time I called the person I spoke to was just not interested he was slow and didn’t know very much. I called for a second time to check the details of a flight; I spoke to a very rude woman who just didn’t care.

I find every time you enquire about flights they always say to you that they are the last few and you must book straight away. In some cases this might be true but in most cases they just want you to hurry up and book so they can make some money from you.

In the end I was so unhappy with customer service from Goldwing Travel and Sunset Flight club that I booked directly with Air Mauritius. It cost me £4 more but it was straight forward and I even chose my seat and meal plan. As Air Mauritius no longer issues boarding passes it’s more convenient to print out the e-ticket and go directly to check in. My grandmother who is 75 years old will be travelling with me; Air Mauritius will take her to board the plane by wheelchair as she cannot walk long distances. The wheelchair service is free and very convenient knowing my grandmother will be in safe hands until I see her again on the flight.

I would thoroughly recommend booking flights to Mauritius directly with Air Mauritius as the service is fast and convenient and they don’t even charge you when you use your credit card whereas the travel agents charge 2.5%.