Flybus plus Iceland review

When I booked my holiday to Iceland I thought that I was quite lucky not to have to book airport transfers as these were included. The price of a taxi each was would’ve cost £100 so it would cost £200 for a return taxi fare from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik. If I was to book the shuttle bus myself it would’ve cost a mere £50 for two people return so the cheapest option for airport transfers. As flybus plus transfers were included I didn’t bother to check reviews.

The flybus is scheduled to pick up passengers 40 minutes after flights have landed, ours was delayed by 4 hours so we were a little worried but it was there when we arrived at the airport waiting for us. We had to go to the flybus desk and hand in our voucher for the bus tickets; we then proceeded outside where the driver loaded up the bus with our luggage. The flybus plus took us to the BSI bus terminal where a handful of people had to get off to catch smaller buses that went to their hotel or destination. We were lucky to stay on the bus, the driver made all his stops dropping off 4 passengers before it was our turn, we were last to be dropped off at Hotel Reykjavik. It took a total of 90 minutes and not the 50 – 75 minutes to reach our hotel as they state on their website.

On our return we were promised that the bus would pick us up at 5am and take us straight to the airport, this was not the case we were picked up along with a few other people at 4 different hotel pickups along the way and taken to BSI bus terminal where we had to get off and board a coach that would take us to the airport. The driver had the cheek to just sling out the suitcases when we were standing right there! It was very early in the morning and the coaches were filling up quickly, you had to look for the sign on the windscreen that told you were it was going and at 5am in the morning it was very dark. We managed to load our suitcases on and went to find a seat, there were none that were seated together as everyone had just scattered around the coach. My partner and I had to sit on opposite ends of the coach. Instead of getting there for 6am like promised we were there for 6.30am, our ticket states that the last time for check in was 6am so we were worried about check in closing but we were ok.

I have travelled to many different destinations worldwide and have never taken a shuttle bus this was my first and last time, I hated it. There is no organisation and it can get quite manic, it’s quicker and safer to take a taxi even if it’s double the price as you’ll get to the hotel quicker without the need to queue. Icelandic people in general are very friendly and a pleasure to talk to but most of the drivers for the flybus are not they look bored and just want to get on and finish their work, which I don’t blame them but for a large company they could try being a little organised and friendly.