Forest Hill Hotel Paris Review

Two weeks ago as part of a tour of Europe I stayed at Forest Hill Hotel, 15 minutes away from the centre of Paris. After checking in and leaving my belongings in my room I went out to explore Paris in the evening. Upon my return a few hours later to my horror another person had also checked in their stuff into my room! Reception had made an error and assigned me a room that was not meant to be mine but because I was there first I got to keep it! There was not safe in the room and feel extremely lucky that none of my possessions were stolen.

The hotel itself looks nice but us very old! The bed is squeaky and extremely uncomfortable! I had to ask for another pillow as mine was far too flat and deflated to get a good night’s sleep on. Reception staff do not know much and can be very rude, when asked about wi fi the reception staff said it was free but as they do not have a pin anyone from around the area can access it so the connection is very slow or in some cases nonexistent! For people that need an internet connection for business purposes it was very poor.

Breakfast was laughable, the queues sometimes were so long it was outside the entrance, people on business and groups use this hotel a lot so breakfast time was always busy. There was the standard, bread, cereal, fruit and yoghurt and that was really it.

The location is ok as there is a supermarket just opposite for those who want to save money on snacks and a few restaurants but we found that these were too expensive for the location. The metro is just a short walk from hotel around 5 minutes but not very safe if alone or even as a couple are there are many unsavoury characters lurking. There are many people who gather in the area with their enormous dogs as warning to beware when going out at night.

The hotel has a restaurant and bar on sight but staff speak very little English and the prices are too expensive. The Hippopotamus restaurant has too much hype surrounding it; you would be better off heading into Paris. The lobby is sometimes dirty and the chairs not very comfortable, I didn’t like this hotel at all and would not recommend it. It has an official 3 star rating but should be more like one star!