Holiday to Turkey

Before choosing Sherwood Breezes in Turkey we read a lot of reviews and compared many that were in the area. We thought we made the right choice until we arrived at the hotel.

The coach pulled up and it looked very disappointing we had a late night flight so we couldn’t wait to go to our room and have some sleep. We checked in and to our surprise we were given our key card and told our room was on the 6th floor. I expected a drink and a tour of the hotel and briefly what there was to do. We made our way to our room and it was disgusting I was so upset this was supposed to be a five star hotel and the room was so small hardly any room to unpack clothes and the bathroom was also as disappointing. The bed was the worst I’ve ever slept on I didn’t have a good night sleep the whole week I was there. Shattered we went to sleep.

Breakfast was very basic like cereal, eggs and toast.Lunch and dinner was also disgusting everything is boiled and there isn’t much choice, they don’t tell you what meat is in the food my husband and I don’t eat beef so it was important to know. The spa is far too expensive we went to a real Turkish bath for £10 whereas in the hotel they charge you £60, we then had a massage for about 12 euros, and we found out that just down the road there was a Turkish bath and massages available for a much cheaper price.

Excursions were very poor they take you to places like a gold factory, a carpet factory and a leather factory to try and get you to buy things the prices were more expensive than the hotel. It was a waste of time. Outside the hotel the food is also very poor there are only kebabs to eat I had one and it was disgusting. The people at the hotel favour the Germans more than the English as soon as you tell local people that you are from England prices seem to rocket.

We went with first choice and there was a rep that came to the hotel everyday he wasn’t very helpful and he doesn’t really tell you the truth on where you go on excursions. There isn’t much to do in Antalya we couldn’t wait to come home. They rip you off a lot there I was told to take euros but found everything to be cheaper in lira as the prices they charge in euros vary from person to person, so the Turkish lira is by far the most cheapest.

The plane was too small and there was no organisation getting people to board. The whole experience has put me off both Turkey and First Choice. For what you pay it’s nowhere near five star I gave it two at most.