How to break the packlock on your suitcase?

No matter how organised and careful you try to be when you’re going on holiday, sometimes it’s all just a matter of misfortune. Having done a checklist of all the things that I needed to bring with me and checking the textboxes to make sure I’ve packed everything, I still manage to forget one or two things for some reason. As I locked away the suitcases and put them in the car, I left the keys on the sofa and it’s only when I was halfway through to the airport that I realised this.

I was thinking about all the options and I decided to break the padlock at the airport and have them replaced. This needed to be done before the luggage was checked in so I looked for somebody who worked at the airport (Gatwick it was) and explained the situation. The person worked with luggages at the airport, weighing them to let you know if you’re overweight so that you can shuffle things round, and I thought he would know better than anyone else. He advised me to go to an airport security officer and they would have the necessary tools to break the padlock. However when I asked the airport security, he told me that they didn’t have the right tools to do that and pointed meĀ  to go to some place where they sell suitcases.

The suitcase shop was my next journey and the person in the shop said they only sell suitcases and they didn’t have any tools instore and I was then suggested to go to the “Lost/Stolen” section of the airport. I was running out of time and all this going back and forth was not doing me any good but I had to get rid of the padlock one way or the other. Once at the lost/stolen/left counter, I told the person there what the problem was and he said that he could help me out. All he did was take two long screwdrivers, put them through the padlock and push them against the padlock and bang, the padlock opened. I was really shocked that the padlocks were broken so easily but I was more relieved than anything else. I bought another set of padlocks from them and quickly ran to the checkin counter.

Now that I think about this whole thing, I was quite lucky to be honest. Of course I’ve found out that most padlocks that we use on suitcases are easily broken but I now also know how to break the small padlocks if I ever lose the keys again (or forget them).