Icelandair review

We travelled to Iceland for a 4 night break to Reykjavik, flying out from London Heathrow and arriving at Keflavik airport. Our flight was delayed by 4 hours but this was due to fog, when we were able to board the plane it took another 45 minutes to take off as there was a queue on the runway. The flight attendants favour only the Icelandic nationals and treat them like royalty, they routinely handed out pillows, blankets and talked in their language ignoring everyone else. I also found that the flight attendants were overweight and would frequently bump into people who were sitting in the aisle seats which was disturbing and annoying.

In flight entertainment was disappointing as the films showed were years old with only one or two which were recently playing in the cinema. Headphones needed to be purchased but they were compatible with the standard ones you get with an iPod so this came in handy. Food was not free, overpriced and looked unappetising but drinks were offered just once on the flight.

Checking in at Keflavik airport was a little tedious as there were not many on the counter for early morning flights but once there it only to two minutes to tag the luggage and issue boarding passes. The airport lounge at Keflavik airport was surprising as there were many little shops and a rather large duty free area compared to most other airports. Everything at the airport is expensive even a small fridge magnet can cost £10 and a small Icelandic teddy was £30!

The airport lounge at Keflavik airport is very small and not enough seating is provided at the boarding gates so get there early. On return to London Heathrow the flight was early but still had to circle Heathrow for 15 minutes until clearance was given to land. You hardly see flight attendants during the 3 hour flight which was good as they only talk to their own (Icelandic) people which makes you feel a little excluded.

Icelandair seemed more like a budget airline and the experience was ok but not recommended next time I might pay a little extra for another airline to see if the service is any better. Take your own food, headphones and pillows as Icelandic people have first grab of everything else on the plane. I have found that Icelandair is only so popular because in most cases it is the cheapest airline to fly with to get to Iceland but cheap doesn’t mean better.