Madonna restaurant review Iceland

During my recent visit to Iceland I did experience some local Icelandic food. It was a little strange eating Chinese food, Italian food and Indian food in Iceland but it’s an experience, most of these restaurants are owned by Icelandic people so the food is a combination of two cuisines.

Madonna restaurant in Iceland is located on a small quiet road near the city centre of Reykjavik about a 10-15 minute walk. Its located on Rauðarárstíg 27 very close to Foss Hotel and the central bust station, we discovered this restaurant when we stayed a few minutes up the road at Reykjavik Hotel. So you could say that finding this restaurant was more of a convenience than anything else.

From the outside the restaurant doesn’t look special or inviting, you can tell by the name and the menu that it is Italian restaurant. Madonna restaurant is also open during the day for lunch but only for a few hours. It closes and then re-opens for evening meals, when you go in its very inviting and big, very deceiving from the outside as it looks very small. When we went on a Thursday evening there was one couple and a single man already at the restaurant.

For an Italian restaurant I expected the menu to be very limited to pastas and pizzas but to my amazement there was a little of everything. Of course all the food was very Italian but they had other dishes that I would never have guessed would be an Italian specialty. I had a seafood pasta dish and my partner had a freshly made pizza. The seafood pasta was amazing it was unlike anything I had ever tasted and the pizza was also very tasty, not like the badly made ‘Italian’ ones made her in England.

The portion sizes were also very generous so by the time we finished we were very full, but I did manage to have a small chocolate dessert that was also very delicious. There was only one waiter but he was very efficient and looked after the handful of people that were there. It is a very romantic restaurant with soft lighting and new furnishings, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back again and recommend this restaurant to anyone who will be staying in the area as I really enjoyed my meal there. The only problem is it closes very early 10pm every evening so you would need to go a little early but the service is quick so you would be in and out within an hour.