Mauritius underwater activities

There are plenty of Mauritius excursions that will interest and for the sea lover, it can be a challenge to choose from the many things that are available. Here’s a list of what you can do:

Undersea walk
Indeed, this is a reality in Mauritius. Being one of the few places in the world that offers such an activity, a number of excursion operators can be contacted to enjoy a walk under the Indian Ocean. The walk is suitable for people as from 7years old and the ability to swim is not even necessary. To walk on the seafloor, a clear helmet, called an Aqua+ helmet, is placed on the shoulders covering only the head thus allowing visits of the underwater marine world of bright fishes and coral reefs; you may even get the chance to hand feed the fishes making this an opportunity not to miss when planning your holidays to Mauritius.

This brightly colored machine looks like the kind of gadget that James Bond would flaunt around in Mauritius. The subscooter, a hybrid of scooter and submarine, takes you 3 meters down for 30 minutes and allows you to pay a visit to ocean life. This excursion is chaperoned by expert guides and is suitable for non swimmers too. While you ride on the machine with your head covered with a plastic bubble, marine life is divulged to you.

Blue safari submarine
If you want to explore the underwater world around Mauritius but do not want to get all wet, the blue safari submarine trip is ideal for you. Sit back in a comfortable air conditioned room for an hour and enjoy the beauties of marine life all around you. The submarine takes you around up to depths of 30 meters where you can catch a glimpse of the wreck of the Star Hope and amazing coral reefs. This kind of excursion is proposed only in ten countries in the world, so if you are coming to Mauritius, take the time to check it out.

Given the rich marine life of brightly colored fishes and coral reefs around Mauritius, snorkeling is a very rewarding experience with most hotels loaning out snorkeling equipments. The best side of Mauritius for snorkeling is without a doubt in the south east in the blue bay marine park. Though Mauritius has a number of shallow lagoons that are easily accessible, they do not provide such interesting marine life.

Getting scuba certified is very easy as most of the luxury hotels in Mauritius propose scuba lessons. The north of the island is a very common place for scuba diving and it is used a lot by diving centers and hotels as practice area. More advanced divers can go for more adventurous dives around coral reefs, ship wrecks, pinnacle, Whale Rock or the submerged crater at Ile Ronde.

Mauritius thus proposes a wide range of underwater activities for all tastes but if it does happen that you get bored of the marine life, the island proposes a number of interesting land activities as well.