Touring holidays

Going on a touring holiday as opposed to going on short break holidays can work out cheaper and more convenient. Most touring holidays are done by coach or train but some may combine some air travel too, all accommodation, taxes and excursions are pre-planned so you have less to worry about. You can have a tour guide or an independent touring holiday that has a suggested itinerary to save you from doing it yourself.

There are many tour operators that are benefiting from touring holidays as more holidaymakers young and old look to save money but still travel to experience different cultures and places of interest. Europe is one of the most talked about tours as being part of the EU means you don’t need a visa so travelling through all the countries are easier, it’s cheaper too.

Most people like to travel by plane as its quicker but coach and train travel means that the journey is more flexible, for example if you were to fly directly to Italy you would miss some places of natural beauty in France and Switzerland, but if you go on a train or coach holiday then you can stop for a day or so and add another country to travel scrapbook.

Coach and train holidays can be comfortable, most have reclining seats, entertainment and toilets on board so you don’t have to worry about rest stops and the reclining seats make it more comfortable.

The only downside to touring holidays can be the accommodation if you are going as part as a large group then there may be places where you will need to share rooms. If you don’t mind or don’t have the money to spare to upgrade then you are stuck in a room with people you don’t know. Room sharing can be fun but for couples it may mean a lack of privacy. Some places such as Switzerland have hostels where the rooms are shared by up to 6 people and no private wash facilities in the room. It means that communal toilets and showers are on a different floor where budget holiday travellers can share.

Touring holidays can be fun and exciting but there are many things you need to check too, like what excursions are included in the price, what excursions need to be paid for, how much excursions are in general and what type of accommodation is used. It is your responsibility to check the small print and double and triple check all details. Otherwise you may find that it was a deal too good to be true for a reason.