Cost of staple foods to rise

British consumers are set to lose even more money as the cost of staple foods such as bread and pasta are set to rise. Meat is also set to increase as animal feed has become even more expensive. Bread and pasta are going up to due to drought in the US and the bad summer in the UK has delayed harvests in the UK.

Many vegetables that are harvested in the UK such as potatoes and peas are being sourced from Israel, and South Africa. The rise in food will impact many families as they are already struggling to feed their families as it is, some parents are even having to skip meals in order for their children to be fed. To add to further woes winter is just around the corner and energy suppliers have already hinted at price rises.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do as all supermarkets and suppliers will also be hit with the price increase. Some people have suggested buying frozen vegetables instead of fresh to save money but it has been noted that frozen isn’t always cheaper. Consumers have been writing to MP’s to raise their concerns of inflation and how it is affecting their lives but so far no one has responded, the government are also helpless as food being imported will obviously have cost issues.

One way people have thought of to bring costs down is to sell the ‘ugly’ fruit and veg that often get rejected from being sold at supermarkets because they aren’t nice enough. Because some vegetables grow misshapen they aren’t aesthetically pleasing so they get rejected from being sold to the public, by being allowed to be bought people who often stay away from fresh vegetables because they are too expensive will benefit. It could mean that some food prices can continue to stay low and affordable because there isn’t any competition.